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Monthly Musings: August


It’s been a month of a few new experiences in August at Sage. Before we get on to the most important part, COVID secure neuropsychological testing, here’s a little bit on the team’s personal events and ventures.

Jasmin and Jenna celebrated their birthdays on the same day in August; Jasmin’s was the big 2-1 and Jenna’s was the big 2-1 plus a substantial amount of years! Jasmin is a triplet and spent a wonderful day at the beach in Wales with her family. Jenna went for lunch with her husband for the first time since lockdown, which has been a much missed treat.

Jasmin also spent a week away in Scotland, going for long walks with her family and two dogs, Prince and Shadow, by the sea. She even braved the cold and took a dip herself! Rather you than us Jasmin!

Towards the end of August, we also saw our first Client for a face-to-face appointment in 5 long months due to guidelines around the COVID19 pandemic. Whilst Zoom has proved vital in the absence of face-to-face meetings, there are some things that, we believe, just can’t be carried out online and one of those things is neuropsychological testing. We caught up with Jo, our Director and Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, to find out how it went:

What did COVID secure neuropsychological testing look like physically compared to pre COVID days?

Other than hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes on the desk, plastic sneeze screens, masks, a visor which kept wanting to fall off (me, not the client), a hot face and steamed up glasses, uncomfortably ‘dewy’ hands in rubber gloves, just the same!

How did you personally find the session?

Uncomfortable, but otherwise absolutely fine.

What’s the number one thing you’d recommend to other clinicians when carrying out COVID secure neuropsychological testing?

If there is a clinical need or sensitive time window for neuropsychological testing, it is possible to undertake this safely with good preparation beforehand. I would recommend looking out for, and being prepared to bring to Clients attention, hygiene matters and unintentional breaches of your COVID policy. One such example is sneezing directly in to gloves and then handling test equipment without changing them. The COVID secure way of working is still new to most of us, and no doubt sensitive reminders of compliance will continually be required.