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How We Can Help

Beginning the Process

After a referral has been made and terms agreed, an initial meeting and assessment will usually be arranged. This normally takes place at the client’s home or another mutually agreed location if that is preferred.

Alternatively, appointments can take place online, e.g. via Zoom, if a face to face meeting is not possible. The interview with the client usually takes around two hours. They may wish to have a family member present, or another person, to provide support.

If the client struggles with lengthy interviews, e.g. because of fatigue, the neuropsychologist will most likely suggest that the assessment process is broken down into shorter periods of time. This ensures the client has the best chance of maintaining concentration and engagement.

Occasionally neuropsychological tests may be requested by the referrer as part of the assessment process.

After the assessment is completed a comprehensive report is written. This will include information about the client’s circumstances and needs; and bespoke recommendations for individual treatment and collaborative work with a multidisciplinary team.

Make a Referral

Neuropsychological Intervention

Intervention is tailored to the brain injury survivor’s specific situation, which means work is often needed in the following areas:

  • Initial assessment, with recommendations for rehabilitation and treatment
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Ideas and techniques to compensate for cognitive difficulties
  • Identity change, emotional repercussions and coping
  • Resilience and hope
  • Relationships and social environment
  • Sleep
  • Coping with appointments and the rehabilitation process
  • Finding meaning and purpose, exploring the future
  • Family support
  • Training and consultation
  • Working together with multidisciplinary teams
  • Update reports
  • More about Adult Neuropsychology